Fridays 6.30pm-8.00pm at Studley Sports Centre

Football Development Centre Level 1

The FDC Academy Centre is a further advancement from the Development Schools and aims to work on more technical aspects of the game.

The Academy is a natural progression from the Development Centre. The Academy trains adjacent to the Development groups and will continue to mirror the FDC Syllabus.
In addition to this, we understand players within the Academy will be at an age where they need more position specific assistance as well as a better tactical awareness.
Sessions are tailored to suit this; with more emphasis on phases of play and positional play.
Within this Level 5 Academy, players are encouraged to take ownership of their sessions and work with the coach to help develop them.

11 – 15 Academy Technical Programme

  • Ball Mastery
  • All aspects covered at Development level
  • Specific weak foot work
  • Practice play sessions
  • Forward thinking sessions
  • S,A,Q Advanced
  • Correct decision making
  • Attacking and defending heading
  • Small sided games
  • Off the ball movement
  • Speed Testing (10/20/30 metres)
  • Agility Testing